“People have enough stuff. They don't have enough meaning.”
–Seth Godin


Thanks to the Internet and globalization and pretty flush times, we can have just about everything. So why should we have your thing? 

I help brands figure out what their thing is and how to connect that to their consumer.

Here's where I add the most value: 
•    Bridging brand strategy with creative direction. 
•    Co-creating strategically-sound concepts and writing the stories that support them.
•    Collaborating with you and your teams, and also working well independently.
•    Simplifying complex assignments to find the simple truth.
•    Keeping track of ever-increasing details and ever-moving targets.
•    Spending your resources responsibly—you can trust me to get things done well and on time and without hand-holding.

I've been in the business of branding and advertising for 25+ years, yet I have managed to remain curious, enthusiastic, and surprisingly un-bitter.

I've concepted, written, creative directed, strategized, voiced and even cast my family members in a ton of work. If you don't see what you're looking for on this site, please just ask. 



I'm not much of a horn tooter but okay.


Recognition includes the Cannes shortlist, two campaigns in Archive, a few in Graphis, a couple in Print's regional design annuals, one in the CA design annual, a Silver Microphone, a Soundie, a Seattle Show merit, several Northwest Addy Awards and several Oregon Addy Awards, including Best of Show. Featured on the Communication Arts Insights page. Selected twice to be a Seattle Metro Poetry on Buses poet. And mentioned by Oprah