Also voted “Miss Hustle” in 5th grade basketball.


Angela sums up all the qualities of a good creative. Strategic. Smart. Passionate. But what makes her a great copywriter is her ability to tell a story and take you along on the journey.
–Michael McGrath, VP Creative Director at Hydrogen Advertising (Worked together at FCB / Seattle and at Starbucks Global Creative)

Truly brilliant creative talent is a rarity. Truly brilliant copywriters, even more so. Add the ability to provide critical thinking and creative problem solving to assignments spanning from developing holistic brand strategies to developing copy for iddy biddy online digital ads and you have a one-in-a-million. Angela is that one-in-a-million. On second thought, make that one-in-a-billion with her delightful working style and non-ego-driven collaborative approach. Angela is a gem to work with. Simply brilliant and delightful.
–Paul Evers, President and CD at Crunchy Peanut Butter (Worked together at tbd, a branding agency)

As a creative director I've always searched for people who dig deep to fight their way way past the obvious and find the compelling creative ideas and language that are the sweet spot of great work. Angela was one of a handful of those creative folks I've had the pleasure of working with.
–Fred Hammerquist, Founder Hammerquist Studios (Worked together at DDB / Seattle)

I recently had a conversation with a colleague of Angela's. As the subject shifted to this exceedingly talented writer and manager, a tear came to the colleague's eye. I completely understood. She's the kind of magnetic personality that inspires, as well as a colleague you can always count on.
–Eric Gutierrez, Partner/ Creative Director at Hey, (Worked together at DDB / Seattle)

Angela is an exceptionally talented writer. We worked together on an account that was deceptively hard. Angela can romance a shack, write consumer benefit/snappy headlines and uses superlatives like no other. Smart, funny, fun to work with. Writing this makes me miss her. Hire her. You won't regret it.
–Carol Davidson, VP of Global Brand Marketing at Smartwool (Worked together at DDB / Seattle)

One of the hats I wear is the chapeau belonging to the co-director of the School of Visual Concepts, a professional development program for those who want to improve their skills in marketing communications, advertising, design and such. In that capacity, I asked Angela to teach copywriting classes for us on several occasions and she's done a brilliant job. And that's not just my take on it. We routinely ask students to fill out instructor evaluations, and Angela's veritably glowed. She's smart, patient, clear, and—best of all—speaks from the lofty platform of having done this work and succeeded at the highest levels. We're fortunate to have her. And so are our students.
–Larry Asher, Co-Director at School of Visual Concepts & Creative Director at Worker Bees

When I worked with Angela, she always came up with the concepts and copy lines that I wish I'd written. I would hate her for this if I didn't like her so dang much. She's one of the kindest, loveliest people you could ever hope to work with, and one of the smartest and most insightful to boot.
–Thomas Prowell, Associate Creative Director at Tommy Bahama (Worked together at Starbucks Global Creative)

Angela is a first-rate writer. She does her research, she finds the odd fact that surprises and delights, and she writes the kind of evocative, clever and assured prose that turns readers into buyers. She's good with long-form copy, broadcast, Web, you name it. Angela is a thorough professional, who respects deadlines and marketing realities.
–Martha Craig, Freelance Copywriter (Worked together at DDB / Seattle)

Angela is the fourth funniest person I know. 
–Kevin Smyth, Business & Brand Strategist (Worked together at tbd, a branding agency)